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Spa Therapy

Spa Treatments Include

Seaweed Body Wrap:

Pure liquefied seaweed containing its cell fluid with all the beneficial biotrace elements is used in this treatment. The pre-warmed liquid is smoother on the skin, the body is loosely wrapped while seaweed with all its nourishing ingredients penetrates through the derm, promoting natural skin elasticity and velvety softness. For relaxation or ideal for people with muscle pain.
60 minutes $150 (Out-call pricing $175.00 for 60 minutes)

Brush and Tone:

Dry brushing is the best cleansing one can give the skin. It removes dead skin particles, increases the circulation and brings the blood to the body surface. After a gentle brushing, seaweed body milk is applied to the skin in soft, rhythmic movements. The lotion contains a high percentage of seaweed cell liquid, which nourishes and tones the skin. This treatment leaves the skin clean, soft and smooth.
45 minutes $130.00 (Out-call pricing $160 for 45 minutes)

Spa Treatments

Salt Glow Massages:

Recommended for: exfoliating the skin removing dead skin cells; great for sun damaged and/or dry skin. Natural Sea Salts mixed with pure essential oils provide a deep pore cleansing body milk is applied. It is particularly beneficial for people who have difficulty sweating or have poor circulation to their hands and/or feet and for people prone to rheumatic aches and pains, so it is ideal for people with fibromyalgia and muscle pain. Salt Glow is something to look forward to perhaps once a week of once a month for general detoxification.
60 minutes $150 (Out-call pricing $175.00 for 60 minutes)

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Either way, you'll enjoy the "Relax to Your Spirit"