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Yoga Class Card Purchase & Payment Extension Policy

Prior payment in full is required before the start of purchasing your new class card(s).
(All class cards, drop-ins, private and semi-private yoga lessons are non-refundable and all sales are final).

Option 1 - Card Freezing Policy - Injury or Extended Absence:

As a courtesy, our Yoga Studio will allow you to freeze your class card for a fee.

  • When freezing your class card the expiration date will continue as of reactivating your class card.
  • Example, if you purchase a class card that expires in (3) three months and you have used the class card for one month before freezing, when your class card is reactivated, you will have two months left on your class card.
  • This is up to the discretion of management and must be done through email. Upon receiving your written email request, a confirmation email will be sent to you. There may be a fee charge of ($60) sixty dollars at the discretion of management. This policy applies to all cards.

Option 2 - One Month Extension Fee:

To extend a class card, there will be a fee of $30. The card will expire (30) thirty days from the date of extension. By not using the one month extension, you will have to purchase a new class card.

Option 3 - Class Card Carry Over:

Prior to your class card expiring unused classes can be carried over to a new class card under the same class card type. Upon purchase of new class cards you can waive the one month extension fee.

Option 4 - Transfer Your Class Card:

You can transfer ownership of your class card with approval by submitting a written notice. Transfer of ownership is subject to a transfer fee of ($60) sixty dollars. For card transfers all previous options apply.

Option 5 - Vacation Extension:

We extend all class cards two (2) weeks a year for your vacation, (no less than a week at a time). Please submit a written notice of your dates of vacation to our email here. A confirmation of acceptance will be sent back to you by email.

Option 6 - Illness:

In case of illness we will extend your class card with prior approval (Doctor's note required). Please submit your written request by email to us. A confirmation in return will be sent back to you. In illness cases, for Options 1 thru Option 4, policy applies.

Yoga Class Late Arrivals & Guidelines

  • Please arrive on time, or enter quietly after the centering OM.
  • After 10 minutes the class will be closed for entrance.
  • No cell phones are permitted anywhere in the studio.
  • Please follow the teacher’s guidelines. Let the teacher know if you have an injury or it you are pregnant.
  • Listen to your body. Back off if you are straining or hurting.
  • Do not hold your breath in the postures.
  • Practice with an empty stomach.
  • Ask the teacher to assist you if needed.
  • Please do not apply perfume before classes.
  • No shoes inside the studio (please place on shoe rack).
  • Please keep windows clear of purses and belongings. Please put personal belongings on the shelf located next to the water cooler located in the yoga room.
  • Please be mindful of other guests.

*For Private or Semi-Private Yoga lessons, a 48 hour cancellation notice is required in order to reschedule. If one is not submitted in the allotted time, you are responsible for payment in full for not showing for scheduled appointment.

Pre-Registered Yoga Classes

Best to sign up a week before to guarantee your spot. Latest sign up is 24-48hrs before class starts or you must speak to someone at the front desk at least 4 hours before class time for same day registration. Three (3) students minimum are required to hold a class.


Most workshops are $50 for early registration, $55 (week of), and $60 (same day). If you pay in advance and workshop is cancelled due to low attendance (Minimum 5 students/workshop) or you find that you are unable to attend, credit will be applied to the next upcoming workshop or class card (No refunds).

Please notify us if unable to attend. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of workshop fee.

To register, call us at (914) 833-1210 to confirm with front desk staff and/or email us here.

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