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A Breath of Yoga, 
Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage
(914) 833-1210


Special Offer

Valentines Day Yoga Play Workshop:
+++++ Registration going on NOW!

Date: Sunday February 14, 2016
Time: 11:00am to 1:00pm
Price: $45 in advance, $50 two weeks in advance, $55 week of, $60 Same day.
Bring a friend, partner,family member, or come yourself, all levels are welcome- it wont be that serious- come out and play!
In this workshop we will align our breath and use each other as mirrors to explore balance and alignment.
We can make payments over the telephone.
We accept all major credits, such as:
American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Our telephone number is (914) 833 1210 OR simply
email us at: abreathofyoga@gmail.com to register.

+ Purchase three months of Unlimited Class Card.
+ Starts the first day of January, and finishes March 31, 2016
+ Receive a Free Yoga Blanket or a Free Yoga Mat,your choice.
+ Offer good for the first week of January 2016
+ We can accept over the telephone payments or in person.

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• New York State and Connecticut  Licensed Massage Therapist-LMT

• National Certiifcation Board for Therapuetic Massage and Bodywork- NCTMB
• Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage Therapist

• Hospice & Palliative Care Massage Therapist
• Complimetary Care Practitioner For Visiting Nurse Service
• New York State Licensed Cosmetologist 
• Certified Medical Spa Therapist 


Woman who went to beauty salon and spa    




Orthopedic Massage
This massage is a type of massage therapy specializes treating painful conditions which effect the soft tissues of the body. The massage service may integrate a range of therapy to treat these conditions. Ideally adapting her style for each client, as every person's body is slightly different. This type of massage may be recommended by a physician who wants there patient to pursue multiple modalities, and people can also see a Orthopedic massage therapist independantly.

A therapist who focuses on musculoskeletal system, he/she may release tight muscles, help to stretch shortened muscles and tendons, and decompress joints. The goal is to normalize the soft tissues of the body. Both to treat specialized conditions and to keep clients healthy and fit.



Massages During Pregnancy
Neuromuscular Therapy for Pregnant Women. This massage offers relief during pregnancy from lower back pain, bloating, leg cramps, water retention, headaches, muscle pain, stretch marks, and general discomfort. Benefits include restful sleep, improved muscle tone, improved circulation, and a feeling of general well-being. For a glowing pregnancy, contact us for an appointment today.


Did you know that massages can . . .
  • Reduce stress and help with relaxation
  • Help relieve the body from depression and anxiety
  • Make sleep more restful
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help circulate lymph to detoxify the body
  • Help propel the lymphatic circulation of the body to rid waste and toxins
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Ease tight or overworked muscles
  • Release chronic tension and pain in muscles
  • Help the body heal itself from illness and injury
  • Stimulate the release of endorphins so you feel better
  • Increase flexibility in the joints
  • Reduce mental and physical fatigue

In essence, massage therapy works to activate circulation and stimulate the functioning of the immune system. When you incorporate massage therapy into your treatment plan, it can dramatically enhance your quality of life. Treat the body naturally through massage.

We have the skills, knowledge, and experience that will introduce you to the many benefits of massage therapy including stress reduction and relaxation, alleviation from pain, and recovery of range of motion due to accident, injury, strain, or surgery.

We individualize each treatment session by interaction with the client to determine the best massage methodology for every session. In my experience, I have found that different modalities of massage therapy work well combined with body mobilization. I also utilize myofascial and trigger point therapy, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy, Swedish and acupressure, cross-fiber massage and friction massage. Rather than employ a set routine, I rely on clear communication with the client and my own intuition. Other important services offered for relaxation, stress reduction, and pain management are seaweed wraps, salt glow massage, body brushing, and there are soothing facials as well as skin and body care essentials.



gift certificates
are always available.
Come in and relax,  with a
  personal massage or facial.
For Any Occassion, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day

Special offers for Yoga students and Yoga teachers of A Breath of Yoga


For more information about our services, contact us. A caring massage therapist or spa therapist will be happy to answer your questions or address your concerns over the phone or in person. Please note that the best answer to the benefits of massage comes after experiencing your first massage. It won't be your last! Contact us to make your appointment today. Enjoy!


Contact us for massage therapy pricing Click Here
& Spa therapy treatments Click here.
For those who cannot, or prefer not, to come to our location within the Westchester area,
we can arrange to come to yours.
Also serving; Putnam, Dutchess County, Connecticut & New York City areas. 
We are conveniently located in the heart of Larchmont. Need directions to our current location? Click here.
For Out-Call Pricing  Click Here!
Either way, you'll enjoy the "Relax to Your Spirit."



Please click to view our Contact Us Policy before setting an appointment.

Yoga Studio, Kids Yoga, Yoga Classes, Massage Therapy | Larchmont, NY

Contact Bodyworks Spa & Salon, at (866) 459-4563, in Larchmont, NY to find out more about more about our yoga studio offering kids yoga classes as well as massage therapy.
Yoga Studio, Kids Yoga, Yoga Classes, Massage Therapy, Larchmont, NY